Lamu Youth Alliance (LYA) is a membership organization established in early 2009. Its membership comprises of CBOs, self-help groups, interest groups and youth groups that have a focus on youth empowerment and environmental sustainability and advocacy.


Empowered Youth, Sustainable Environment

 The formation of LYA was necessitated by a growing need to unite youth, give them a voice, adequate representation and participate in decision making. The organization is a consortium of 55 Youth groups from Lamu County with a common objective of empowering youth and promoting sustainable environment. 

Sisters Network

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Without an education, orphans are destined to repeat this never ending cycle of poverty. Orphans, who age out of institutions without education are mostly condemned to a life on streets, or begging or worse.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Educating an orphan and needy child will have multiplying impact on their communities. It is like lighting a candle. That one candle can light thousands of candles without loosing its light.

Stakeholder Engagement

Work with Us

LYA collaborates with various like minded partners ranging from GOK line ministries in Lamu County such as ministry of public health and sanitation, Agakhan Foundation, Save Lamu, ministry of youth and sports, council of Imams and preachers of Kenya, Kenya National Museums of Kenya among others local community-based organisations.