Lamu Youth alliance

Empowered Youth, Sustainable Environment


To promote active youth participation in sustainable development through capacity building, advocacy and innovation.


To promote active youth participation in sustainable development through capacity building, advocacy and innovation.


It is one of the most rewarding good deeds we can do in our lives as the benefits of giving Sadaqah Jariyah can be reaped now, and we can continue to benefit after we have passed.

Tusome Program

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Without an education, orphans are destined to repeat this never ending cycle of poverty. Orphans, who age out of institutions without education are mostly condemned to a life on streets, or begging or worse.



To address the socio-economic challenges facing youth



Advocacy for a favorable policy and legal youth environment.



LYA comprises of 18 board members and 25 youth groups whose membership is free.



To address the socio-economic challenges facing youth, LYA offers information, opportunities and llinkage through the following activities

Youth Empowerment Forums

Monthly fora targeting youth grass root groups that inform the community/youth on reforms as well as foster peaceful coexistence.

Traditional/Cultural activities

LYA makes the most of the community traditional events to mobilize the community and encourage positive engagement in responsible leadership through dramatized verses, poetry, theatre, dhow races, donkey races, henna painting and women galas.

Youth at Risk Transformation

To actively involve the youth, LYA provides opportunities to the youth to showcase their talent through dramatized verses, skits, plays, good leadership and Sensitization on HIV and AIDS and Drugs Abuse.

Advocacy for a favorable youth environment

LYA partners with a number of organisations in advocating for human rights, historical land injustices, gather evidence for effective policy and advocacy interventions.

The youth parliament

LYA periodically conducts a youth parliament to give an opportunity to the youth to amplify their voices. The parliament involves government department heads, provincial administration, religious leaders and other stake holders to address issue concern security.

Lamu Youth Alliance

LYA undertakes continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure smooth running of all the intended activities. This includes conducting field visits, supportive supervision to ensure quality is not compromised in the execution of various activities.

A) To develop the inherit ability and capabilities of young people, both individually and collectively.
B) To encourage literacy and artistic activities among the Youth.
C) To establish and maintain relationships with other Youth groups, both national and international.

D) To popularize and advocate the concept of gender equality among the youth.
E) To initiate youth development projects and activities with the aim of encouraging the active participation of the Youth in the process of own empowerment.

F) To facilitate, implement, monitor, and evaluate youth development programs
G) To advocate for rights and opportunities for Youth with physical and mental disabilities
H) To liaise with and advise the ministry/department responsible for youth affairs on youth matters.