Sisters Network

Sisters Network

Sisters Network 1024 683 Lamu youth Alliance

Sisters Network iniatitive by Lamu Youth Alliance has been implementing and studies indicate the following as drivers of radicalization and violent extremism amongst women population.

Search for better paying jobs- women often trapped by conmen and recruiters who pose as job agents promising them jobs in Saudi Arabia only to find themselves in extremist camps

Poverty and lack of capacity to sufficiently meet basic needs. – Women opt to allow their sons, husbands to join extremist group with a hope of financial support from the income they earn. In order to keep contacts with these loved once they have no option but to support activities of extremist group within their communities

Maintain of relationship –some women join extremist camps in the pursuit to join their husbands or sons or visit the graves of those who died in the fights.

Limited or lack of formal and religious education – The women are easily indoctrinated and lured into extremism due to ignorance and lack of understanding.

Constant harassment from security agents because of close relatives’ connection with extremist groups. Some women support activities of extremist or join extremist camps for protection from government harassments.

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