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Overcoming political exclusion (OPE)

Overcoming political exclusion (OPE) in Lamu County is a project that targets the vulnerable communities who reside within the county wards and villages. OPE entails empowering women, youth, and people living with disabilities (PWDs) to participate in democratic governance process and equip them with knowledge on constitution, devolution, public participation and bill of rights. Successful implementation of OPE in Lamu will equip citizens of Lamu County in the Lamu West and East sub-counties with knowledge on Constitution, devolution, public participation and Public Health rights; On the other hand, will motivate citizens of Lamu County to participate in monitoring performance and oversight on County government Health/education services delivery. OPE will also influence county policy towards increased participation of marginalized groups such as women, youth and people living with disabilities. The main outcomes OPE seeks to achieve is to Increase citizen participation and engagement in governance processes and in monitoring performance of Lamu county government.

OPE set out to equip 8,000 citizens with civic knowledge on constitution, devolution and public participation through sustained civic education. To achieve the output LYA recruited 12 civic educators, trained the civic educator and support them to conduct civic education in the 10 wards for a period of 10 months.

Despite the activity being put o hold for three months due to COVID-19 ……. Of people were reached and trained on constitution, devolution and public participation. The civic educators in the ground facilitated civic actions to tackle community issues ranging from health, education, budgeting and water and sanitation.

The project also aimed to educate 50,000 citizens on civic knowledge on constitution, devolution and public participation through mass civic education within 12 months. To achieve the stated output LYA Identified a local theater group, Undertook civic education Training for 15 Magnet Theater members for 3 days, Capacitated the selected Artists in Civic Education and Participatory theater. LYA further deployed and supported the theater group to conduct village outreaches. Through community outreaches, the theater group was able to reach …..citizens. The outreaches were interfered by government restrictions on prevention of COVID-19, immediately the group embraced online skits by recording and sharing the skits on social media platform. Through the social media handle the theater groups managed to reach more than ….citizens with knowledge of constitution.