Our Work

Tusome Program

grade 1,2,3

Through LYA Tusome program, the power of the youth population will be harnessed to engage and educate grade 1, 2 and 3 learners in prioritized low-performing schools in Amu division and Hindi wards. The program will facilitate the uptake of Tusome in Lamu County by sensitizing learners and their families to appreciate the importance of maintaining literacy gains during this pandemic season. Learners and their families will be sensitized through text messages, town cryer, local social media platforms and local radio stations on how and where they can continue with their Tusome-supported literacy lessons on radio and TV with prompts to set aside time and plan to tune in. In all of the conducted activities, LYA will ensure key health messages are included before and after all the activities. LYA will also conduct children favorable activities to sensitize the pupils on preventive measures against COVID-19, including proper hand washing steps, correct use of masks, social distancing and observing a healthy diet. Locally, the goal of increasing English and Kiswahili test scores, while fostering a commitment to education and love for reading that will enhance literacy levels of grade 1, 2, and 3 despite the pandemic.

LYA has a proven track record for mobilizing and capacitating the parent’s population, and in partnership with its members groups who have depth of experience in working to promote education, we are in a unique position to deliver measurable impact during this season.

In the implementation of SAVET program activities gender equity is enhanced by ensuring both genders are equally represented.