Vijana Tuko Union Application

Education is light.

Vijana tuko is a swahili name meaning ‘Youth are’ therefore by Vijana tuko union it means youth
have come together to form a union through the use of a digital application. Development of the
application will enable bring on board youth within the county and link them to various socio-
economic opportunities.

The activity involves development of an application called Vijana Tuko Union. This application will
create a link between youth whereby all the opportunities; be it jobs, ideas or skilled/graduated youth will be displayed.

The activity will involve several stakeholders that are connected with the issue of the application, to create ownership of the project and to be able to commit everyone affected into eradicating poverty among youth in the society.

Impacting a wider community

Educating an orphan and needy child will have multiplying impact on their communities. It is like lighting a candle. That one candle can light thousands of candles without loosing its light.